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Erie County Response Fund: Face Shield Order

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Erie County Response Fund: Immediate Human Relief
Open: Mar. 19, 2020
Multi-Municipal Collaboration Grants
Open: Jan. 3, 2020
Close: Apr. 30, 2020
Awarded: May. 21, 2020
Anchor Building Program
Open: Feb. 1, 2020
Close: May. 30, 2020
Awarded: Jun. 18, 2020
Community Assets - Arts, Culture, & Heritage
Open: Apr. 21, 2020
Close: Aug. 31, 2020
Awarded: Sep. 17, 2020


** While addressing the needs of vulnerable populations affected by the COVID-19 crisis through the Immediate Human Relief Fund, The Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority (ECGRA) considers it important to also maintain its grant schedule as outlined to further invest in communities and help support jobs.  We encourage all prospective grantees to continue the grant application process as staff work diligently to take the steps necessary to approve and award grants in a timely manner.  By distributing grants, ECGRA can continue to support economic development in Erie County so we can continue to be stronger together.  **