Renaissance Block

Open: February 14, 2024  •  Close: April 30, 2024  •  Awarded: May 15, 2024

The Erie County Renaissance Block Program is a financial incentive-based program designed to address and reverse housing blight in Erie County.  The problems with deteriorating and code-deficient residential structures are well-documented and far-reaching.  Several recent community planning efforts have recommended reducing blight as an economic development strategy including Emerge 2040, Erie Refocused, the Corry Neighborhood Initiative, A Citizen's Action Guide to Blight, and the Erie County Housing Plan (a component of Erie County's comprehensive plan).  Properties in poor condition can reduce the market value of adjacent homes, in turn, discouraging other owners from making investments themselves thus starting or continuing a cycle of disinvestment. 

Up to  $100,000 awarded per application.

Eligibility Criteria for Applicant

     •  an IRS-designated 501(c)3, municiapl authority, or a municipality

     •  Headquartered in Erie County

     •  In good standing with the IRS and state and local taxing bodies

     •  In good standing with ECGRA's reporting requirements to date

     •  Making  sole request on behalf of an organization

     •  Requires a 1 - 1 cash match



Renaissance Block Resources

An impact investing organization, ECGRA's mission is to empower the nonrofit sector, municipal governments, and economic development agencies to revitalize Erie County.  ECGRA is endowed with local share gaming revenue from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania via the Horse Race Gaming Act.  Local share gaming revenue is an assessment of the licensed gambling industry in Pennsylvania.