Special Events Grants

Open: January 2, 2023  •  Close: February 28, 2023  •  Awarded: March 16, 2023

Special events promote a sense of community and inclusiveness, and often generate an influx of dollars from outside Erie County resulting in local economic growth and improved quality of place for Erie residents. As part of a strategy to strengthen the economy, special events help increase our ability to attract and retain a skilled workforce, spur investments from the private sector, stabilize land and housing prices, and increase civic pride.

ECGRA Special Events Grants fund up to 5% of events that take place within Erie County, are open to the general public, and promote the region economically and culturally. Applicants must be a 501(c)3 organization, municipality, or authority headquartered in Erie County. Grantees must demonstrate how their event(s) creates a targeted economic impact on Erie County by attracting attendance to the region and impacting local quality of place. 

Special Events Resources