Community Assets - Arts, Culture, & Heritage

Open: February 2, 2024  •  Close: April 30, 2024  •  Awarded: May 16, 2024

Arts, culture, and heritage organizations enrich the lives of residents, protect resources, and add a dimension to quality of life through performances, interpretation, preservation, and creation of new works.  ECGRA's investment in arts, culture, and heritage encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, enables communities to engage in creative placemaking, plays an integral role in attracting new residents and businesses by elevating the quality of life, and protects what is unique to Erie County.

A maximum of $15,000 per application; overall $200,000 per grant cycle.

Community Assets Grant Resources


An impact investing organization, ECGRA's mission is to empower the nonrpofit sector, municipal governments, and economic development agencies to revitalize Erie County.  ECGRA is endowed with local share gaming revenue from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania via the Horse Race Gaming Act.  Local share gaming revenue is an assessment of the licensed gambling industry in Pennsylvania.