Venture Investment

The Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority (ECGRA) recognizes that the intent of gaming funds is to act as a catalyst for transformational economic and community development.  We believe that independent funding sources like gaming funds provide the agility and flexibility to address the growing needs of communities in economic stagnation.  We also believe that the funds received in Erie County are not alone sufficient to address social, environmental, and economic development problems facing the community.

ECGRA seeks to leverage gaming funds by partnering with organizations capable of attracting additional financing.  We seek to make mission-related investments (MRIs) in entities capable of creating an economic, social, environmental and financial return for our community consistent with the Authority's Board adopted Strategic Plan.

Some of these partnerships include Bridgeway CapitalBen Franklin Technology Partners1855 CapitalThe Progress FundPenn Venture Partners, and the Enterprise Development Fund.


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