In early 2014 and in light of Erie’s poverty statistics, ECGRA assessed the health and stability of Erie County’s 13 public school district foundations. While some of the foundations were growing steadily, most lacked the knowledge, tools, and/or human resources to raise funds. After a series of meetings and surveys, ECGRA began empowering all 13 of the school district foundations to build capacity and raise money for the sake of their nearly 40,000 students.

In January 2015, ECGRA kicked off the School District Foundation Endowment Challenge— a progressive campaign to foster the growth of Erie public school students and teachers, elevate public schools, and empower their foundations.

ECGRA has committed up to $200,000 to Erie County public school foundations and will match donations made to each participating foundation—up to $5 per student—now through December 31, 2016. In addition to matching funds, ECGRA is providing ongoing training and fundraising and marketing tools to support the foundations’ efforts.

Research indicates that education increases workforce productivity and that quality public schools sharpen a community’s competitive edge. Help these forward-focused school district foundations raise $5 per student and ECGRA will match your generous gift* in support of Erie County’s future workforce.

To make an investment, please read the descriptions below and contact the appropriate foundation representative. If you have questions about this or other ECGRA initiatives, email us at or call us at 814-897-2694.







Corry Area School District Foundation
Fundraising $10,875 to help sustain our school wide Positive Behavior Intervention Support Program in all of our buildings and incorporate the Second Step Character Education Curriculum for students in grades Pre-K through 8th.

Serving: 2,175 students
Contact: Michael Andrus
Title: Foundation President
Address: 540 Pleasant Street
  Corry, PA 16407
Phone: (814) 664-4677

Checks made payable to: Corry Area School District Foundation

Fairview School Foundation
Fundraising $8,350 to continue to grow the FSF endowment which fundsscholarships for graduating seniors, and teacher mini-grants.

Serving : 1,670 students
Contact: Melanie Vadzemnieks
Title: Administrator & Development Officer
Address: 7466 McCray Road
  Fairview, PA 16415
Phone: (814) 474-3535 (w)
  (814) 460-0722 (c)

Checks made payable to: Fairview School Foundation

Fort LeBoeuf School District Foundation
Fundraising $10,655 to be used in conjunction with the Foundation’s Annual Teachers’ Grant Program, which is offered to the staff and faculty of the District to supplement and fund needs related to enhancing the educational opportunities for students, with a focus on assisting with innovative ideas, broad reaching projects, and special educational trips.

Serving: 2,131 students
Contact: Dennis Fortin
Title: President
Address: 34 East 9th Street
  Waterford, PA 16441
Phone: (814) 449-0913 (c)

Checks made payable to: Fort LeBoeuf School District Foundation

General McLane Foundation
Fundraising $10,870 to be dispersed among student scholarships, innovative educational programs, and capital improvements of athletic facilities. Through The Challenge, we are hopeful that we will spread awareness of the General McLane Foundation and that will in turn spur new ideas for Foundation projects to which these funds can also be distributed.

Serving: 2,174 students
Contact: Jeffrey Fox
Title: Treasurer
Address: 11771 Edinboro Road
  Edinboro, PA 16412
Phone: (814) 273-1033, ext. 5904 (w)

Checks made payable to: General McLane Foundation

Girard School District Foundation
Fundraising $8,675 to support our programs which provide grants to teachers and scholarships to graduating seniors.

Serving: 1,735 students
Contact: Cheryl Newton
Title: President
Address: 1203 Lake Street
  Girard, PA 16417
Phone: (814) 440-4216 (c)

Checks made payable to: Girard School District Foundation

Iroquois School District Foundation
Fundraising $7,000 to be placed in the endowment for future Foundation endeavors.

Serving: 1,400 students
Contact: Douglas White
Title: Executive Director
Address: 800 Tyndall Avenue
  Erie, PA 16511
Phone: (814) 899-7643, ext. 4007 (w)

Checks made payable to: Iroquois School District Foundation

Millcreek Education Foundation
Fundraising $35,865 to support our growing endowment to benefit the students and faculty/staff of the Millcreek Township School District with their educational advancement, professional development, capital, and other needs.

Serving: 7,173 students
Contact: Kristina Huber
Title: Executive Director
Address: P. O. Box 9382
  Erie, PA 16505
Phone: (814) 860-3364 (h)

Checks made payable to: Millcreek Education Foundation

Northwestern Community Educational Foundation
Fundraising $7,260 to establish an endowment account that will support our mission to ensure the highest level of educational innovation supporting students, faculty, and staff with community involvement in a partnership of lifetime learning.

Serving: 1,452 students
Contact: Paul Sachar
Title: Treasurer
Address: 100 Harthan Way
  Albion, PA 16401
Phone: (814) 756-9400, ext. 4254 (w)

Checks made payable to: Northwestern Community Educational Foundation

Partnership for Erie’s Public Schools
Fundraising $60,000 to support PEPS’ Straight A’s for Erie’s Public Schools Campaign which provides resources in the areas of arts, athletics, academics, assistance and advocacy to our schools and students.

Serving: 12,000 students
Contact: Daria Devlin
Title: Director
Address: P. O. Box 514
  Erie, PA 16512
Phone: (814) 460-5387 (c)

Checks payable to: Partnership for Erie’s Public Schools

Union City Area School District Foundation
Fundraising $6,250 to build an endowment to sustain the Foundation and benefit the students for many years in the future.

Serving: 1,250 students
Contact: Tara Lineman
Title: Business Manager
Address: 107 Concord Street
  Union City, PA 16438
Phone: (814) 438-3804, ext. 5451 (w)

Checks payable to: Union City Area School District Foundation


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is The Erie School District Foundation Endowment Challenge (The Challenge)?

The Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority is challenging Erie County’s 13 public school district foundations to grow their endowments and is committing up to $200,000 in matching funds for dollars raised through December 31, 2016. Parents, students, friends, faculty, and staff are encouraged to donate to take full advantage of the match. 

 2.  How does The Challenge work?

Foundations that choose to enroll in The Challenge are eligible for 1:1 matching funds of up to $5 per student. The matching period begins January 1, 2015, and ends December 31, 2016.

3.  When will a school district foundation receive ECGRA matching funds for their endowment?

Two milestones trigger the distribution of ECGRA matching Challenge funds. First, when the foundation reaches 50% of its match and submits a Grant Reporting Form. Second, when the foundation reaches 100% of its match and a second Grant Reporting Form is submitted.

4.  What happens if a foundation does not reach its maximum match?

If a foundation fails to reach its maximum match by December 31, 2016, a prorated grant will be processed equal to the amount of funds raised.

5.  Is there a cap on matching funds?

Yes. ECGRA will match up to a maximum of $5 per student per school district. See fundraising totals per school district, above.

6.  Who is eligible to participate in The Challenge?

Any of the 13 Erie County, Pennsylvania, school district foundations. (Click here to see a comprehensive list.)


*ECGRA will match all gifts made to any one of the 10 participating Erie County public school districts through 12/31/16 not to exceed $5 multiplied by the total number of students disclosed in the foundations’ grant applications submitted by January 2015.


 Click here to read The Challenge Guidelines.