Community Assets

ECGRA Community AssetsCommunity Assets Grants are awarded to arts-, culture-, heritage-, entertainment-, and recreation-based organizations that can demonstrate how their project, programming, or event drives tourism and improves quality of place in Erie County.  

By attracting tourists, Community Assets catalyze an influx of dollars from outside the county. Community Assets also improve the quality of place, thereby increasing Erie’s chances of attracting and retaining skilled workers. The long-term effects are measured in jobs created, dollars invested from the private sector, stabilized land and housing prices, and increased civic pride.

Eligibility for Community Assets Grants requires that applicants be a 501c3 organization or municipality headquartered in Erie County. The project, programming, or event for which the grant monies will be used must be completed within 12 months of receiving funding. Applicants must also provide a 1:1 cash match. See current grant guidelines for further details.

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Human Services

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ECGRA meets needs in Erie County’s human services sector through a thriving collaboration with The Erie Community Foundation. Helping Today grants are used by nonprofit organizations for basic needs and innovative projects including capital projects, technology upgrades, and program improvements. To learn more or apply for the quarterly grants, visit The Erie Community Foundation website.


Mission Main Street

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Studies show that improving main streets can drive job creation and promote tourism—two critical economic growth components. With Mission Main Street Grants, launched in 2013, ECGRA targets revitalization along countywide commercial corridors that are home to small businesses, historic structures, and special events.

Municipalities and nonprofit organizations with plans to renew historic commercial corridors can apply for Mission Main Street Grants. A 1:1 cash match is required for all applicants. Projects may include overhauled streetscapes, revamped landscapes, and restored façades. See current grant guidelines for further details.

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See a list of last year's grantees.



Special Events

ECGRA Special Event Grant - Lake Erie FanfareSpecial Events Grants are awarded to offset the cost of concerts, fairs, festivals, parades, conferences, and performances that enhance the region economically and culturally and create a sense of civic identity. These grants are available to 501c3 organizations or municipalities headquartered in Erie County. Prospective grantees may apply for up to 5% of an event’s annual budget. 

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