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ECGRA Grants Catalyze Small Business Growth and Entrepreneurial Growth

Posted on March 3rd, 2023 at 12:32 PM
ECGRA Grants Catalyze Small Business Growth and Entrepreneurial Growth

The Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority (ECGRA) awarded $896,000 for their 2023 NWPA Innovation Beehive Network grants, which will be distributed to five Erie County nonoprofits and universities.

"Working to spur business growth and job creation, small businesses make up the backbone of Erie County - and their entrepreneurial spirit should be celebrated," said Dr. Perry Wood, Executive Director, ECGRA.  "As a key part of ECGRA's mission, we are focused on making transformative investments that drive economic and community development - uplifting small businesses for the benefit of our whole county."

The Beehive funding is designed to catalyze 501(c)3, nonprofit organizations such as univeristies to participate in the economic development system of Erie County.  Beehive grants provide vital matching funds to encourage the development of entrepreneurial support services at local institutions that have this purpose in their mission.

"This ECGRA grant will allow the PennWest Edinboro Beehive to continue offering free branding and marketing services to hard-working Erie County small businesses," said Christopher Lantinen, Director, PennWEst Edinboro Beehive.  "The COVID-19 pandemic introduced new economic hardships and exacerbated existing ones, and the collective Beehive Network will help in the County's continuing recovery efforts."

"At our institution, the Beehive offers unique experiential learning opportunities for our students, as they're put in position to aid the region's great entrepreneurs."

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