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$15,000 in Gaming Funds Invested in Edinboro's Main Streets; First Time

Posted on June 1st, 2018 at 1:02 PM
$15,000 in Gaming Funds Invested in Edinboro's Main Streets; First Time

At a press conference held today, the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority (ECGRA) board of directors gathered on Erie Street in Edinboro, PA to see the progress that has been made from the investment of $15,000 to Edinboro through the Mission Main Street grant program.  Mission Main Street grants were established in in 2013 to buttress any distinct corridor that is host to samll businesses, special events, historic structures, or parks that is vital to the health of a community.

The Borough of Edinboro will be collaborating with small business owners along the main streets, as well as with Edinboro University to revitalize the main streets, help fight blight, deter crime, preserve historic buildings, and support small business.

ECGRA's Mission Main Street grant is one of two IMPACT: Neighborhoods & Communities initiatives invested in and measured by the ECGRA board of directors witht he purpose of reinvigorating neighborhoods and main corridors, boosting buy-local efforts, and combating blight.  In ECGRA's "Transforming a Region with Local Share Gaming Revenue: An Economic Impact Study," released March 2016, data shows ECGRA's investments have made a significant impact on the local and state economy.

All projects require a 1:1 cash match.

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