Community Assets Grants

Open: July 18, 2019  •  Close: August 15, 2019  •  Awarded: September 19, 2019

Community Assets Grants have been expanded in 2018 to support capital improvements and programming which provide social, educational, cultural, health, recreation, and/or economic benefits to residents of Erie County.  The three areas of funding under the program are:

1) Arts, Culture and Heritage - Purpose: to provide capital and program funding for arts, culture, and heritage organizations.  Programs and projects must serve the general public and be open and accesssible to the public.

2) Parks, Fields and Trails - Purpose: to provide funding for capital projects to create, protect, or improve publicly accessible parks, athletic fields, and trails throughout Erie County.  Funding can also be used to increase or improve access to recreational facilities.

3) Community Centers  - Purpose: to provide funding for capital improvements, programming, and equipment for publicly accessible community centers.  ECGRA considers a community center as a neighborhood or community hub whose primary focus is social, educational, cultural, and/or recreational activities serving a partiuclar segment of the community such as children or senior citizens.

Eligibility for Community Assets Grants requires that applicants be a 501c3 organization, municipal authority, or municipality headquartered in Erie County. The project, programming, or event for which the grant monies will be used must be completed within 12 months of receiving funding. Applicants must also provide a 1:1 cash match. See current grant guidelines for further details.

A maximum of $ 1 million covering all three categories to be granted in the 2018 funding cycle. 


  • A 501c3, municipality, or municipal authority
  • Headquartered in Erie County
  • A 1-to-1 cash match
Community Assets Grant Resources