impact investor
/ 'im-pakt/ /in,’vest,or/ :: noun
A person or institution investing into companies,
organizations, and funds to generate measurable social and
environmental benefits alongside financial returns.
Our Mission
An impact investor, ECGRA's mission is to elevate Erie County by galvanizing nonprofits toward economic and community development. Since February 2008, ECGRA has invested more than $38 million in Erie County thanks to the pioneering leadership of members of Erie County Council and the ECGRA board of directors and staff.

ECGRA takes its role as Erie County's economic development authority seriously.

For the past five years, we've been studying foundations, communities, and experts leading the impact investing movement.

In 2014, we adopted an Impact Investing Policy and soon began investing in companies, nonprofit organizations, and funds expected to generate social, cultural, environmental, and financial returns for Erie County.

This year was no different. From April 2015 through March 2016, ECGRA invested $5,266,920 in 76 countywide organizations via 109 grants – all awarded and measured according to impact in five key areas.

Impact: Small Business
Small Business
Invested Via
Ignite Erie
Impact: Education & Youth
Education & Youth
Invested In
Shaping Tomorrow Grants, School District Endowment, Challenge Grant, Summer Jobs and More, Eagle's Nest Pilot
Impact: Quality of Place
Quality of Place
Invested In
Community Assets, Special Events, Human Services, Lead Assets
Impact: Municipalities
Invested In
Local Government, Development
Impact: Neighborhoods & Communities
Neighborhoods & Communities
Invested In
Mission Main Street
Checking Account $28,341.48
Savings Account $13,032,431.09
Accounts Receivable* $2,350,000.00
Prepaid Expenses $7,900.00
Total Assets $15,418,672.57
Beginning Balance $14,553,537.56
Net Income $865,135.01
Grants Issued $4,316,919.58
Community Assets ($154,045.00)
Human Services ($148,554.00)
Ignite Erie ($275,000.00)
Lead Assets Endowment ($1,659,714.47)
Local Government Development ($1,376,490.11)
Mission Main Street ($131,500.00)
School District Foundation Endowment Challenge ($34,680.00)
Shaping Tomorrow Collaborative ($166,667.00)
Special Events ($177,019.00)
Special Projects–Brookings Institution ($50,000.00)
Summer Jobs & More ($118,250.00)
Youth & Education Pilot Program ($25,000.00)
Total Equity $15,418,672.57
* Includes Ignite Erie Mission-related Investments
Total Invested By Impact
76 Organizations76
109 Grants109
Board & Staff Members

Board of Directors

Chair David S. Sample, owner, Corry Lumber Company Inc.
Vice Chair Michael J. Paris, owner, Paris Homes
Secretary David H. Yaple, owner/operator, Pine Avenue and Lawrence Park Dairy Queens
Treasurer Charles J. Peters, managing partner, Altair Real Estate Services
David M. Bagnoni, instructor, University of Phoenix
Dale E. Barney, production, General Electric Transportation
James T. Domino, president, Domino Insurance Agency
Jay A. Breneman (ex-officio), member, Erie County Council
Gary N. Lee (ex-officio), director of administration, County of Erie


Perry N. Wood, executive director
Tom M. Maggio, grants manager
Diane K. Kuvshinikov, executive assistant

Many thanks to Consultant Amanda P. Burlingham and Jenny Poff of Presque Isle Designs for helping us showcase the impact of ECGRA grant money at work in Erie County.