Tell Your Legislators How ECGRA Grant Money Works for You!

It's not too late. Let your voice be heard!

With gaming revenue, ECGRA has created innovative funding streams for local nonprofits and municipalities that make improvements to public spaces, create jobs through small business, support education and training, and celebrate local identity. Since 2008, ECGRA has invested more than $44 million in gaming revenue in Erie County. All of this could come to a screeching halt if the Erie region doesn’t protect its local share.

Local funding is being challenged on two fronts: 

  • The Pennsylvania Supreme Court declared that the current local share gaming clause in the State’s Gaming Legislation is worded in a manner that is unconstitutional. State Legislature now has four months to clarify the language in the bill. If unchanged, the stream through which we invest local share gaming revenues in economic and community development would diminish to a trickle.  
  • The Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed a bill redefining local share in new forms of gaming revenue as funds to be used by the State’s economic development bureaucracy, rather than given to ECGRA and Erie County government for local economic development. If passed by Pennsylvania Senate, this bill would force us to compete with grant writers from all over the Commonwealth to access tax revenue produced via Presque Isle Downs and Casino.

Over the coming months, ECGRA will be working with the Erie County delegation, staffers in Harrisburg, and the Assembly’s leadership to protect Erie’s local share. You can help by calling or emailing your legislators listed below. In addition, it's important to write to each of the six leaders of the PA General Assembly. Below are letter templates for your convenience. Tell them how ECGRA has put local share gaming revenues to work for you and your community and ask them to join our efforts before it is too late! 

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